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Apple iPad mini
Full black & Glacier

All features and functions are completely accessible with the iPad mini case on, including the speaker, headphone jack, camera and charging port
Silicone plug covers keep the dust and debris out of the main openings without interfering with usability
A polycarbonate case cover fits over the front or back of the iPad mini and doubles as a stand to view in portrait or landscape mode

Durable two-piece polycarbonate inner layer snaps together to form a snug fit around the iPad mini
A plastic screen protector is built into the inner-shell of the iPad mini case to prevent scratches and smudges while retaining the sensitivity of the touch screen
Rugged silicone skin wraps around the polycarbonate shell to create a rock-hard defense against bumps and drops

Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 10.7 oz / 303.9g
Dimensions (with shield/stand): 8.61 in x 6.04 in x 1.05 in / 218.6 mm x 153.5 mm x 26.6mm
Dimensions (w/o shield/stand): 8.23 in x 5.65in x 0.63in / 209.1 mm x 143.6 mm x 16.00 mm

Environmental Protection:
The Defender Series iPad mini case provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock but is NOT protective against water. 

Jual Otterbox Case lengkap disini untuk beberapa model smartphone, handphone, phablet: Otterbox Defender series, Commuter series, Reflex. Pilih Otterbox Defender Case mampu memberikan perlindungan maksimal untuk iPad Mini milik anda.
Otterbox defender case iPad mini.
Otterbox defender case iPad mini..
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